Our Services

Ground handling services

Receiving an aircraft upon arrival and preparing it to depart again is a major job, which requires the completion of numerous overlapping processes timed to fit seamlessly within the schedules of our airline customers. Royal Aviation sets the highest standard in the delivery of this complex service, conveying passengers, luggage and cargo to and from aircraft with clockwork precision, whilst simultaneously tending to a range of technical needs: in short, delivering excellence from touchdown to takeoff.

  • Passenger handling with manifesting, check-in, gate, departure, arrival, and General Declaration clearances.

Ramp handling service

For commercial aircraft, the turnaround time is critical and every second is the count for aircraft utilization as well as customer satisfaction. Royal aviation has trained and efficient professional staff to efficiently assist with handling for both private and commercial flights.

  • Pushback, towing and repositioning
  • Loading and unloading
  • Air start
  • Ramp services
  • Aircraft cleaning.
  • Toilet services/ Potable water services
  • In-flight catering arrangement & supervision.

Flight Dispatch Services

Flight Dispatch takes control of the aircraft’s day to day operations including the planning and monitoring of each flight. Flight Dispatchers jointly share the major decision making and the responsibility of the safety of a flight with the flight crews. Dispatchers conduct all of the necessary pre-planning, flight monitoring, en–route assistance and coordination of every flight 24 /7.

  • Provision of computerized flight plan with weather forecast & NOTAM prior to the departure.
  • File the ATC flight plan with the local authority
  • Comprehensive Crew briefing.
  • Coordination with aeronautical information services (AIS)
  • Coordination with other departments ( e.g. Load sheet and plans )
  • 24/7 monitoring of the flight
  • Sending MVT messages via SITA or email ( e.g. Arrival and departure MVTs )

Preflight Documents

Landing and overflying permits are vital documents that must be obtained before any flight enter Sri Lankan airspace and airport. Royal aviation will coordinate these kinds of matters and help our customer to easily plan their schedule to Sri Lanka.

  • 24/7 Hrs. Over-fly, Landing permits, and Diplomatic clearances.
  • Carrier’s representations before CAASL.
  • Obtaining the necessary traffic rights and obtaining airport slots.
  • Other documents handling. (Custom and Immigration Services)

Other services

  • Aircraft refueling supervision & coordination with fuel suppliers.
  • Handling private Jets
  • Executive aviation handling and VIP services.
  • Ambulance services.
  • Crew transport/car hire services & hotel accommodation arrangements.
  • Irregularity and emergency operations support.